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Save the Planet - Buy Used Cars

How do used cars save the planet?

First consider probably the most important fact. Someone who bought a new car decided they must sell it, for what ever reason, it happens...

Does this mean when the person now buys a new car, the new car will use less fuel and pollute less? Usually, but the amount of pollution generated from the manufacture of the new car is about as much pollution that the new car will create during its entire life cycle of 8 to 12 years. If every car owner bought a new car every two years, it would be hard to imagine how much more pollution we would generate from the increased manufacture of these vehicles.

We still need new cars to replace vehicles when they reach the end of their life cycle and to accommodate the ever increasing population. Used cars can still be of use when they reach the end of their life cycle. Some lucky cars become classics and get picked up by collectors. The rest usually end up getting recycled in used auto parts and salvage yards which can dismantle the car to reclaim salvageable mechanical and body parts. The remainder of the car is then processed for its raw materials.

If more people opted for a used car opposed to purchasing a new car, less new cars would be manufactured causing less pollution, but we may be driving a fleet of cars that use a little more fuel. Great strides have been made toward emission- less cars and alternate fuels. As these cars infiltrate the current fleet of used cars on the road, the fuel issue will slowly go away over the years. We currently have no technology to reverse the effect from green house gasses created during the manufacture of a new car.

  • Keep your car running
  • When you need a new one
  • Buy a used one.

It may be a small effort, but the Earth will thank you.



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