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For over 30 years now our buyers have supplied new & used car dealerships worldwide with their used car inventories. We also work as corporate buyers, buying directly for many franchise dealerships here on the West Coast, we supply these dealers with their used car inventories, & help manage them as well.




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We recently have started offering our services to private parties as well as car dealers. By doing this we give a normal everyday person the opportunity to buy their cars like dealers do & save thousands of dollars. Again though, please do keep in mind our vehicles come in and are sold 90% of the time before they even arrive, we turn our inventory extremely fast. If you would like more information regarding our products or services please don't hesitate to give us a call at (503) 849-1235 or email your questions to Our cars are all line ready, meaning that they have been fully inspected, repairs done if needed. We don't deal in damaged vehicles, not even a little bit, these are all flawless, top notch, super clean units, with most of them being nearly still in showroom condition. Our selection different types of vehicles is unlimited, we have cars ranging from Ferrari's to Honda's, Trucks to Sport Utility Vehicles, we even buy and sell the Davidson Products. We can get what ever you are searching for as long as you contact us, let us know exactly what it is that you want & we will go to work for you & always work as hard & as fast as we can.

Visit our online dealer showroom of quality used cars and trucks. Our dealership is located in Portland OR and our online showroom is always open. Portland OR Used Cars Dealer Showroom Online

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