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Gil's Powersports
475 Belleville Ave
New Bedford, MA  02746
Sales 1-774-929-8026



At Gil's we carry Qlink motocycles and scooters and Johnny Pag motorcycles. Every thing sold at Gil's is BRAND NEW and comes with a factory warranty that can be extended. Financing is available on any model that can be registered.

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With the economy the way it is, it's always nice to be able to save some money. Here at Gil's we don't charge you for freight or dealer prep. That means you save money and the bike goes out for MSRP. Our shop rates are the cheapest around. While other shops are charging $89 an hour and up, we work for $55 an hour to take a little stress off the customer so they can put the money towards other priorities and still have fun on two wheels.Our Qlink products come with Roadside Assistance to ensure that no matter where you are or what the problem is, you will be taken care of. We carry all accessories and parts ranging from parts for die hard Harley riders, small scooters, ATVS, Dirt bikes, and imports. Come on down! Check out our selection. The most expensive bike we have is $4,699 BRAND NEW and it's worth every penny!




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Gil's Powersports opened March 23rd 2009 in New Bedford Ma. on 475 Bellville Ave. If you are looking to get on two wheels cheap this summer and still have a bike that looks great,this is the place to be!

Visit our online dealer showroom of quality used cars and trucks. Our dealership is located in New Bedford MA and our online showroom is always open.

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