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Hosting Facility
No expense was spared in utilizing a safe, secure environment that can protect equipment from whatever Mother Nature has in store. The Vienna, VA facilities have the following protection systems in place to ensure maximum operation regardless of the disruption.

Building Exterior

Secure Facility Interior

Shelf Racks

Internet Router

Rack Wiring

The premier power system makes outages obsolete, utilizing an AC-DC-AC conversion process to eliminate surges, to meet the demands of both AC and DC equipment, and to provide nonstop power. Its heart is the Automatic Transfer Control Logic system (ATCL) that monitors power throughout the system to draw only from the most reliable sources.

UPS modules

DC Power Station

Power Control Facility

Automatic Transfer Control Logic System  


Diesel Generator

Battery Backup System

The power backups are utilized in the following order:

  • Commercial utility underground conduits
  • Two-hour battery backup (industry standard is only 15 minutes)
  • Diesel generator with full-load capability and 18 hour fuel supply

In addition, the system features:

  • Parallel redundant UPS module
  • Redundant primary 480V feeders
  • Split switchboard with draw-out tie-breaker
  • Redundant 500KVA K13 transformers
  • 48V DC power plant with separate batteries and A+B bus for redundancy
  • Dual-fed secondary switchboard and critical load distribution boards
  • Maintenance bypass feeder with dedicated 500 KVA K13 transformer
  • Dedicated 20 amp circuits with #10AWG (30 amp) wiring to rack plug strips,
    including dedicated neutrals feeding server racks

We appreciate that both equipment and data security are vital to our clients. With that in mind, comprehensive security systems include visitation access lists, security cameras, and dedicated Ethernet segments.

Network Operations Center

Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, security personnel superintend the Operations Center lobby. A digital surveillance camera monitors all sections of the Network Center and all installed equipment.

The Operations Center maintains a constant temperature of 68F, plus or minus 2F, with humidity at a constant of 45%. This facility has 200 tons of total cooling capacity, more than enough to maintain this temperature and humidity level.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Wiring Trays

The Vienna, VA facility incorporates features to maximize equipment performance. The floors consist of 6-inch concrete slabs with natural anti-static properties balanced by embedded carbon filaments, grounded by copper strips. Cables are trayed above the racks and color-coded for simplified maintenance.

All client equipment is protected by two fire fighting systems, a Fire Master 200 (FM 200) fire suppression system and a pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system. The FM 200 utilizes heptaflouropropane gas, the environmentally friendly answer to Halon that is both sate and non-corrosive to electrical equipment. This gas deploys after a 30 second countdown and slows the fire by chemically preventing combustion.

Fire Control System

Fire Protection Piping

The dry-pipe system backs up the FM 200 by being connected to a VESDA smoke detection system. Only a combination of 2 "events" (melting of sprinkler valve seal and the FM200 having already released the gas) allows water to fill the pipes and be sprayed only through the open sprinkler heads. In most cases, the remaining facility stays fully operational.




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